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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Annals of Chinese

Ollie's is probably my favorite "American" Chinese place on the Upper West Side.  Aside from its Washingtonian offerings, though, Ollie's has many dishes which are more Motherland in nature.  More recently, after a renovation and menu update, Ollie's has a section for "Szechuan Specialties."  Last night I feasted on fish filet with pickled vegetables.  This is a common Sichuan dish, and Ollie's version was tasty enough, although the fish seemed to be fried and more akin to a General Tso's preparation of meat.  The broth was a little spicy but lacked the full-on chile heat and Sichuan peppercorn numb.  So not super authentic Sichuan, yet enjoyable, I tell you.

Broadway at 116th Street