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Monday, July 16, 2012

A Descent into Treat Madness

It was going to be a long day: work, then part-time night job.  I valiantly packed two Tupperware containers, each with meat and beans, one for lunch and another dinner.  For breakfast some sourdough bread with a thin slice of prosciutto.  An orange for a mid-morning snack.  Yes, sensible rations for the day.

On the way to work I stop at Crumbs for iced coffee.  This is a reasonable thing to do.  They've had a special: 99 cents for any size.  And I need coffee.  If I don't get it by noon, a piercing headache develops.  I will not be hard on myself for this well-deserved and cheap treat.  And really, coffee is more a necessity than a treat.

Eleven in the morning rolls around, and my stomach starts to grumble.  I am bored.  My job is painfully stupid.  It's nice outside.  I need to get out, move around for a little while.  And oh, my stomach is grumbling.  And oh, what is the only way to steer one's attention away from one's soul crushing job?  A treat.

I walk down to a French bakery and procure an almond croissant.  The amount of butter contained in this heavenly delight would shock even the likes of Paula Dean before she knew Diabetes was a disease that existed.  But for a short period I am happy.

Later in the afternoon, I am bored.  What's that in my pocket?  Oh, it's a dollar.  Now, there are vending machines a short walk away.  A little while later I am back in my office with a Peanut Butter Snickers.  Rich and chocolately and delicious.  I feel better.  For a while.

Get to part-time job around 5:30.  I have my meat and beans.  But come on, one needs a beverage.  A ginger ale would be a fine way to wash down those beans, and so a ginger ale, a true gentleman's beverage, is purchased and consumed.

Ok.  My day of eating is done.  Yes, there were a few slips, but these things happen.

The train ride home.  Wow, it's been a long, hard day.  I'm exhausted.  I did a really good job tonight.  You know what, it would be fun to get a treat!  There is a 16 Handles on the walk home, and some frozen yogurt piled high with mini-chocolate peanut butter cups sounds good.

STOP.  You've had enough.  This is absolutely absurd.  Why do you need all these treats?  Get a hold of yourself! OK.  I'll stop at the super market and get some watermelon - surely I deserve fruit.  Ah yes, there it is, the watermelon.  But wait?  What is that over there?  The dessert counter?

As I write this I stuff myself with "Tiramasu dessert," made with marscarpone cheese, heavy cream, fudge sauce, etc.  It is a heavenly and decadent cream.  I scoop it down my treat hole.  I feel good.  For now.