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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Annals of Chinese

The Roasted Meats Diaries 

How I yearn for these meats.  I always have, and was even excommunicated from my family for my intense love of Oriental barbeque.  My father, Don Johnson, sat me down one crisp Spring morning in our vineyard in Spain and said it was meats or the family.  When a man must choose between his great love and his family, he must always go with his great love.  And so I went with meats.

Recently, I ventured to Yummy Noodle.  It was a pleasant place, not too crowded, with a somewhat hip and modern vibe.  The food, however, was straight-up old school Cantonese/Cantonese-American.  Meats were ordered, served and consumed.

The roast pork was fine enough, although a bit on the dry side.  Crispy pig (sometimes referred to as whole roast pig) was quite nice, with an appropriate amount of fat, although it didn't overwhelm the meat element.  BBQ spareribs spared actual meat: even after sucking and pulling there was barely any meat to be had.  Last thing to mention: the hot sauce was unique, with the common chili paste but also "black beans," which are fermented soy or broad beans; it gave the sauce a nicely pungent and slightly sweet kick.  

Yummy sauce, pretty good meats.

Yummy Noodle
The Bowery, Chinatown