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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Pizza Files

Yesterday I found myself in Long Island City for a pizza party, a party celebrating my various accomplishments and successes on the high seas.  Pizza was served at the pizza party, pizza I had not yet come across in my travels. The establishment from which the pizza was procured was Brick Oven Pizza.  How was this pizza?  Fine, as most pizza in New York tends to be, although it did not taste at all like it came from a brick oven.  It seemed much more like a standard New York slice cooked in an electric oven.  The sauce was a shade above sweet, verging on cloyingly so but still relatively palatable.  All else was fine and unremarkable. If you find yourself near LaGaurdia Community College and want or need pizza, by all means go.  I would discourage you from venturing from far and away to sample this pizza (this means YOU Juan Don Marco Estavez, my Mexican pirate friend!)

Brick Oven Pizza
Thomson Avenue, Long Island City NY