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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Chronicles of Creams

It's a beautiful day outside, and as I walked past Kitchenette, I was reminded of their fantastic banana and chocolate cream pies.  How delightful it would be, I thought, to eat one of those luscious cream pies on this gorgeous day.  But I've been feeling a bit chubby recently, my winter poundage in full effect. Perhaps I should pass.  And further: do I need to eat a delightful treat every day?  Should I not practice some self-discipline?  Will this not make my actual indulgences that much better?

I recently read the Life of Pi, and I must say, if nothing else, the book does an excellent job of dealing with food, or the lack thereof, in stranded-at-sea situations.  The character's fantasies of eating while on the verge of starvation are extremely vivid, and you can almost sense how awful the deprivation must be.

Granted, I’ve been stranded at sea many times, for years on end, but my current treat starvation is not that serious – yet.  When was my last treat?  I know on Saturday I enjoyed an ice cream sundae.  But what since then?  Now that I think of it, perhaps my treat starvation is quite serious.  Do I have the will to cease the eating of treats for today?  Tune in next time to find out.