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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Department of Food Psychology, Philosophy & Sociology

New York Magazine currently has a story on the new wave of food enthusiasts.  Youngish, well educated, uncomfortable about being called “foodies,” obsessive list makers, picture takers, social networkers, etc.  Basically, me.

As nature shows us, whether in the ripple a stone makes upon hitting water, or the fluxes of southern-bound birds, all is pattern.  The New Foodies (not foodies!) are a pattern, created by a combination of social conditions.  In this moment in time, there happen to be many young people who sport smartphones and digital cameras, who tweet what they’re eating, who have to try that new obscure Thai place or that new American Bistro that serves whatever. 

All of this is ripe for criticism. Gothamist, which linked to the NY Mag story, contains some choice comments by readers:
  • “People like this are insufferable. The ONLY reason they are so focused on food is because the media tells them this is an appropriate outlet for their endless creativity and free time. Just order the fucking meal and shut the hell up.”
  • “To be fair, I take pictures of my food so I can one day show my kids why I can't afford to pay for their college degree.”
  • “Please. They're too infantile themselves to be able to raise kids.”
I’m not exactly sure how someone deduced that people who are into food are “too infantile to raise kids,” but he’s actually probably right (at least when it comes to myself).  Perhaps the thinking is that someone who is so obsessed with something must have issues?  Must be trying to fill a void?  Lives in a fantasy world? Or maybe it has more to do with the economic irresponsibility (we tend to spend inordinate amounts of money on food). 

I don't know, but food is a black hole, and my soul has been swallowed, never to return.  Goodbye, soul.