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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Chronicles of Creams

Sometimes McDonald's is a great pleasure.  When it comes to its sweeter fare, they make a perfectly respectable shake. Their sundae is totally fine - far better sundaes are certainly to be had, yet the McDonald's sundae is cheap and accessible. Arguably the real star of the McDonald's sweets menu (unless you count buying a hot apple pie and mushing it up in ice cream) is the McFlurry, more specifically the Oreo McFlurry, a true "cookies and cream" classic.

The Oreo and M&M McFlurry's are always available.  As of late, though, Old Ronald has been offering special flavors.  A few months back there was a Rollo's McFlurry.  Currently, there is a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup one. I went on Saturday to try this Reese's concoction, believing vanilla ice cream with chocolatey peanut butter to be one of god's finer creations.

I arrived at McDonalds, the Broadway and 104th Street location, at around 9:30pm.  This McDonald's is likely one of the worst in the country - horribly run, always out of things, apathetic service, etc.  I waited in line for quite some time, and finally placed my order: "A medium Reese's McFlurry, please."  The answer surprised me: "We only have snack sized."  I was a bit confused, and finally said: "I don't understand, if you have this McFlurry, why can I not have a medium?"  The answer was too obvious for me to have guessed: "Because we're out of Medium or Large cups."

Anyhow, whatever, I got my snack sized treat.  How was it? Disappointing. The Reese's were not properly blended into the cream, leaving only a sparse layer of rich chocolate peanut butter chunks on the top.  This meant that a few bites of the ice cream were very good, but the rest was just plain old McDonald's ice cream, which isn't bad at all, mind you, but when it comes to a McFlurry I want more.

As this McDonald's location sucks, I will go to another store and try again.  Report to follow.