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Thursday, October 6, 2011


I have had tightness issues with my pants. 

A few weeks ago, I noticed a gray pair of JCrew Bowery Classic Fit trousers, 33x32, feeling too short and tight.  And then, last week, a different pair of JCrew Bowery Classic Fit trousers, 33x32, also started feeling too tight. It’s very embarrassing.  Today I decided to wear a black pair of Gap Straight Fit trousers, 33x32.  These pants had always seemed a little looser than then JCrew pants, so I felt confident they woudn’t feel tight.  Sadly, I was wrong.  They feel tight in my crotch and upper thigh areas.  I decided to take off my belt, which helps a little.  I think my colleague said it best: I’m drinking too many iced apple ciders and eating too much Shake Shack custard.  Well, yes, but the real issue is I stopped exercising.  But as of last week, I am fixing that problem, so I will continue to drink the ciders and eat the custards, and at the very least I will stabilize, if not drop the few pounds it seems I’ve gained.

Interesting fact: when you put on a little bit of weight and your slacks become snug at the waist, this actually makes the pants shorter, perhaps because of the wedgy that pulls them in a northward direction. It’s very humiliating, but if you were to be walking behind me (and many people try to walk behind me so they can see my world-famous rear end) you would notice my pants riding up my crack.