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Friday, October 7, 2011

Custard Mishap

Last night I went to Shake Shake yet again, thinking that Thursday was Pumpkin Pie custard day.  Well, lo and behold, it wasn't: it was Ginger Pear day.  I sampled this aforementioned custard and found it crisp, tingly, and good.  However, I did not want a scoop of it, nor did I think it would be suitable for a Concrete (a Concrete is when the people at Shake Shake take their custard and mix it with various things such as almonds, chocolate toffee, whipped cream, etc - it's basically a fancy Blizzard or McFlurry, if you will).

Anyhow, I was disappointed that it was not Pumpkin Pie day, and even more disappointed/upset that I made yet another Custard Mishap (see previous entry in which I thought it was Fig & Honey day, but in actuality it was not).  What is wrong with me, I asked?  Why cannot I not get my Custard Calendar straight?  How did I finish high school?  Maybe I should remove myself from civilization and move into a cave.

After this horrible humiliation and emotional tragedy, I decided to get a Concrete with vanilla custard and poached fig.  If you recall, I sampled this treat a week prior and LOVED it.  Last night it was certainly very enjoyable, as well.  But obviously, I need to go back to Shake Shack tonight to try the Pumpkin Pie custard.  As you also may recall from a previous post, I get very excited to eat pumpkin pie and actually any kind of pumpkin thing during the fall.  All right!