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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Call of the Orient

I am intoxicated by spices from the Orient. I spend a great deal of time tracking shipments of spices on the Silk Road. Ahem. Anyway, New York City is a wonderful location to be in if you like spices. You can buy spices to use at home, or you can go to eateries that serve dishes that have intoxicating spices. Last evening I dined at Xi'An Famous Foods on St. Mark's Place, one such eatery that uses fragrant and complex spices. The original Xi'An location is in Flushing, one of the most wondrous food destinations in New York City.

Anyhow, people have started debating the merits of the new East Village outpost, some positing that the original location in Flushing is more "authentic" and "spicy" and "good." People who are into food are obsessed with authenticity and will by default usually side with a place if it's in a more ethnic area, such as Flushing.

I cannot say how the St. Mark's location compares to the original, as I have not been to the original. But the new branch seems promising. One dish, the spicy and tingly beef noodles, was very good. Another, the lamb "burger," was not. For my Yelp review, click here.

Anyway, I plan to soon try the original location and then compare it to the new St. Mark's location. God be with me on this quest. And may he be with you, also.

(Serious Eats write-up)