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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Funny Names and Illegal Activities While at Work

Good afternoon.

When I was in high school I enjoyed creating "silly" names. This is an activity that some of my "friends" also enjoyed partaking in. One of them is now also grown up and runs a successful blog of his own (although not as successful as mine, despite his overwhelmingly higher number of comments, although I do not resent this, not even a little).

Anyhow, I was recently going through my personal effects and came across a list of "silly" names some of my friends and I came up with at a party during our senior year of high school (which means this list is about 9 years old). Said list was written on the back of an advertisement for Pizza Outlet, a chain in Pittsburgh which I used to work for. Pizza Outlet has since changed its name to Vocelli's, in case you were wondering, which I doubt you were.

Here is the ad. In future posts I will discuss my experiences working at Pizza Outlet (now Vocelli's). I'll focus on the illegal activities I witnessed and *possibly* participated in, this possibility depending on the results of my research on the statute of limitations.

Here is the opposite side with the list of names.

Here is a transcribed list:

-Hampy Gonzales
-Pee Pee Barkely
-Teddy Grudel
-Poonson Beager
-Wunchy Meatermeyer
-Plump Wilson
-Kirby Who
-HoHo Beach
-Bibby Tunny
-Hope Crazy
-Hank Stirsilly
-Helpful Waters
-Clen Dripping
-Honson Yeller
-Skoopy Turnup
-John Paul Scriddly
-Heenson KreKre
-GoGo Huxtable

Yes, these names are brilliant. HoHo Beach was actually the name of my mouse that I used for the Mice Olympics in my senior year biology class. I actually "fibbed" his results and HoHo won the silver medal for one of the events. The teacher, after a confused expression on his face and multiple mental attempts to get the name right, mispronounced "HoHo" as "Hotto" Beach. When that happened that may have been the hardest I have laughed in my life to date.

Anyway, that's enough embarrassing/potentially litigious information for one day.

May the Force be with you.