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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Mean and Nice Biscuits

I came into work this morning and heard some inviting, happy little sounds. I heard things like, "come over here!" and "we like you!" and "you're a good and fun person!" I was delighted and made my way to the noises and then I saw this package. "What in the Sam Hill!?" I exclaimed. "Hi, we are nice biscuits, but we are trapped in this package...will you please help us!?"

Of course, I opened up the package and began speaking with two of the nice biscuits, one named Butter James (pictured left) and the other named Happy Michelle (pictured right). As it turns out, the Nice Biscuits were imprisoned by the Mean Biscuits.

We were having a delightful conversation and were becoming wonderful friends, and then all of a sudden one of the Mean Biscuits showed up. His name was Soggy Underpants (pictured above). Soggy Underpants said things like, "how did you get out of there?" and "I hate you!" and "I don't like you!"