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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Giant Fit Chinos: A Lesson in the Banality of Evil

It was a pleasant evening. I had gone to Shake Shack to have my third concrete in 2 days (A concrete is frozen custard with your choice of mix-ins; my third because the previous day I changed my order but they made both anyway, so I felt compelled to eat both).

Anyway, I took my concrete to go (it was pumpkin spice custard with shortbread cookies and whipped cream). I strolled outside on an unseasonably warm November evening, listening to the Beatles, enjoying myself and what-have-you. Then I returned home and started browsing the selection of pants on various online websites. THEN I came across the JCrew Giant-Fit Chinos and I almost died.

Awful. These pants are simply way too wide.

Horrendous. The silhouette could alternately be described as "horrible" and "extremely horrible."