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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Share & Care Time

Hi kids, and welcome to Share and Care Time! Today we're going to not only share, but also care! Would anyone like to start us off? Oh, go ahead Johnny.

Hi, I'm Johnny! Today I got very angry because my brother stole my toy without asking. I wanted to punch him but then I decided to calmly say that it made me hurt very badly on the inside when he took my things without asking, and that all I wanted was to be acknowledged. My brother said sorry and we hugged.

Wow, that's a nice story, Johnny! Thanks for sharing! Would anyone else like to share? Oh, yes, what's on your mind, Melinda?

Well, my parents are going on a vacation this weekend and I'm very scared about missing them! Plus, we're getting the mean babysitter! But I love my parents and want them to have fun!

Wow, that's so nice, Melinda. Thanks for sharing!

Ok, gang, that's all the time we have left. We'll see you next week for Sharing and Caring! Bon voyage!