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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Dream

I don't often remember my dreams, but when I do they tend to be really weird and intense. To give an example, once I dreamt I was a morbidly obese black man who was crushed by a tree and then had a giant frog eat my head. (note: in real life I am neither morbidly obese nor black).

Last night I had a dream which may not have been that weird, but intense for sure.

It was a very cinematic dream. A man received some phone call saying he was going to be killed in his home, and he starts moving around his house, armed with a pistol, looking for a possible intruder (it wasn't clear, but I think this man was some sort of spy or assassin).

Anyway, he's moving around the house, some of his family members are there, but he doesn't say anything and keeps moving around. Then, he goes outside and is on his deck (which is suddenly the very deck from the house I grew up in). Someone appears and shoots the man in the chest, and the killer is his very own son!

The son gives an emotion-filled speech, saying how the father was never there, blah blah blah. The son asks, "how do you feel? how do you feel?" And the father, in his dying breath, says "there are 7 deadly sins, so no one knows what happens," and then dies.

Um, commence psychoanalysis now.