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Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Mysterious Case of the Steamed or Seared Dumplings

Um, this place has serious issues - but the dumplings (steamed or seared or whatever) are pretty good

Hello, friends.

A new dumpling house has opened up on 106th Street, near Broadway, close to Broadway, but not right on Broadway, just a little further in from the intersection where Broadway crosses 106th Street, which is where Broadway actually is.

This dumpling house is called 'East Dumpling House' or 'Dumpling House East,' I am not sure which variation.

This dumpling house has 5 dumpling varieties, and on the menu it seems that you can have them steamed or 'seared' (which adds $1 to the price).

I went to this place on Wednesday and ordered pork with chive dumplings and asked for them seared, and was told they only steam the pork with chive dumplings - they will not sear them. Um, ok. However, even though I guess I got the steamed dumplings, they did not seem steamed to me, as you can perhaps tell from the following picture...

Um, these seam seared, not steamed.

Well, I went to this dumpling house again today. My two friends ordered pork with chive dumplings, and when I tried ordering seared shrimp and pork dumplings, I was told they only come steamed (I was also told that the only dumplings they actually sear are pork with cabbage, chicken with green pepper and vegetable).

Anyway, the steamed dumplings came, and this time they really were steamed, as you can see from the following picture...

Clearly steamed.

Now I am wondering, why did the pork with chive dumplings I ordered on Wednesday look 'seared,' even though I was told they never make seared pork with chive dumplings? And why all of a sudden today did the dumplings actually look steamed?

I feel confused right now and I think I am going to check myself into a dumpling treatment facility.