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Friday, July 31, 2009

DiFara's Coverage

DeMarco - the legendary pieman - image courtesy of NY Times
(Update: this story is now being linked to by SliceNY)

The NY Times has a story up on the price of the slice at DeFira's, which just recently was raised from 4 to 5 dollars. Yes, 5 dollars for one slice of pizza. You could likely get two mediums plus an order of cheesy-crazy sticks from Domino's for that price. Anyway, whatever, the slice costs $5.

The most important part of the article, however, is really not what the pizza costs, but how it's made. For at least a couple of years, DiFara connoisseurs have been debating on whether the pizza has changed (see here).

Anyway, almost in passing, a potential bombshell is revealed concerning the pizza at DiFara's...

"The shop has always used expensive imported ingredients, but in the past six months Mr. DeMarco has been more generous with them, part of what she [DeMarco's daughter] called his new “heavy hand.”

This would seem to support the notion that the pizza at DiFara's, for better or worse, is in fact not what it used to be. It also supports the opinion of some that DeMarco has been perhaps supersaturating his pies with ingredients.

Discuss amongst yourselves...