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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Destruction of the American Soul

The Red Hook Vendors are a conglomerate of Latin American food purveyors who hold a strict monopoly at the Red Hook soccer fields. There was much celebration when the City granted them an extension on their permit, but I see this as a sickening example of powerful interests swaying the forces of government.

I went to Red Hook on Saturday to gain evidence for an anti-trust suit I'm filing.

Waiting for the ferry

Goodbye, Manhattan

Red Hook, Brooklyn. The masses paying ridiculous prices for all types of Latin American food - but what else can they do?

A stack of 3 delicious, filling papusas cost an exorbitant $6 - highway robbery

A foreboding castle in the distance - probably where these greedy robber barons reside and plan their takeover of the world

A public restroom. But wait...

It's actually a comfort station!

A beacon of hope in the distance...Ikea.

At Ikea, you can get a cinnamon bun for a dollar, and a frozen yogurt for a dollar. We need more local businesses like Ikea in our great city before the giant corporations kill our wallets and our souls