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Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Disaster...Almost

For my recent birthday my mom sent me a check, but she always likes to get me an actual "thing," I guess to show that she put some thought into it (I'd be happy if she computed a monetary value to her time and energy and added that amount to the check).

Anyway, I wasn't home when the mailman (or woman) tried to deliver the package, so I got one of those salmon-colored cards saying my package was at the post office. I finally went to retrieve it this afternoon and this is what I saw when I unwrapped it...

A wooden tea chest. I was a bit perplexed and thought to myself, "what did I do to deserve something like this? Am I really such a bad son?"

Anyway, I opened up the box and was relieved to see this...

An anthology of film reviews. Much better.