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Monday, November 17, 2008

The Three Floppys

Rhianna, thanks so much for hanging out with us.

Oh, you are QUITE welcome, Floppy 2.

*)### @&&@@ @&#@)!!!!!!!

Oh! Hehehehehe!

'Go on and take a bow!' Good one, Floppy 3! Say, Floppy 1, you sure are being quiet.

What? Oh. No I'm not...

Oh come on, what's wrong Floppy 1?

Oh, it's just with Rhianna here, I feel like you guys aren't even paying attention to me. I know I'm not as cool as Rhianna, but I thought we were friends.

Now you wait a second, mister. Rhianna is our friend and we are happy she is here, but she'll never take your place. We love our Floppy 1!

*#&#&#& @((@(@ (&&&&&!!!!

Aw, thanks guys. I feel better.

I feel a little uncomfortable now. Maybe I should leave...

No, Rhianna, please don't. I'm just very sensitive. Please stay. I'm so sorry if I made you uncomfortable.

Oh, it's ok, Floppy 1.

*@#* +@@%^@!!!

That's a great idea, Floppy 3! Let's go, guys!


Floppy 1: I am so happy to be here with all of you This shrimp is to die for!
Rhianna: This place is the opposite of disturbia.
(group laughter)
Floppy 3: *@@&# )@ +-@#*@!!!!