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Thursday, October 16, 2008

FAPPAF Exclusive Investigation

We've seen the debates, we've read the websites, we've watched the news. It is pretty clear where the candidates stand on many of the key issues, but it's been pretty disturbing that a major issue -- perhaps the most major issue -- has been completely ignored by the media: Dunkin' Donuts policy.

After days of exhaustive investigation (let me tell you, the McCain campaign was not very willing to give access to their donut plan) I have learned about some key differences between the candidates...

  • Wants to use federal monies to open Dunkin' Donut stores in high-need areas
  • Wants to use federal monies to subsidize the cost of donuts, but only for those making less than $250,000. He proposes a 'donut card' for Americans who earn below this sum. In other words, the vast majority of working Americans will be able to purchase donuts at a reduced rate.

  • Wants to provide a tax credit for donut spending that does not come close to meeting the average cost of yearly donut spending
  • Wants to tax income used to purchase donuts
  • Basically only wants rich people to be able to buy donuts
FAPPAF is a bipartisan blog, so I will refrain from saying which candidate has a "better" stance on this issue. Let me just put it this way: Obama = more donuts for the middle class; McCain = more donuts for the wealthy. And despite any protestation from those in the McCain camp of trickle down donuts, I think we can all agree that is a completely bogus claim.

Food and Pants reports, you decide...