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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dinner with Tottles

Tottles being Tottles

Hey, everyone. Had dinner with Tottles last night at Waverly Inn. Not many people know this, but Tottles is QUITE the foody. A few months ago Tottles moved back to New York with me (after my failed attempt to re-create myself by working at a Chuck E Cheese in Iowa).

Anyway, Tottles and I have been making the rounds, scoping out the New York social scene, trying the restaurants, etc. Last night at Waverly Inn, seated next to Vincent Gallo and Whoopi Goldberg, who were sharing the $55 mac and cheese with shaved truffles, Tottles and I discussed his favorite restaurants. Here is a list with Tottle's commentary...

Red Lobster I LOVE Red Lobster! Hehe! Tottles! Whenever I want all-you-can-eat shrimp and unlimited cheddar biscuits, this is the first place I go, the second place being...Tottles! Hehe!

It hasn't been the same since Tyler Florence began consulting for them, but what can I say, their chicken finger platter is to die for.

The Olive Garden
When you're there, you're family! Haha. Yeah, so like everyone I LOVE the unlimited salad and breadsticks -- duh -- but I don't think people truly appreciate the nuance of their regional Italiana fare.

Empanada Joe's
I'll be honest, I've been fairly disappointed with the food scene here in New York. Per Se? Per why? Momofuku Ko? Momomust Be Kidding! Ha! Anyway, the only New York joint I've really enjoyed so far is Empanada Joe's in the Morningside Heights region. Their empanadas are so fresh and the pastry is flaky and tender! The store has a really cool vibe, and I really love washing down my empanadas with a Goya mango juice. This place rocks!