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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Yesterday I was standing in a hallway for reasons I will not disclose on this weblog, or 'blog', if you will. I was reading something and these two ladies walked by and one was like, "well, I'll talk to you later, I really need to use the bathroom." Then I heard some banging noises and apparently the lady could not open up the door. "Must be locked," she said in a frustrated tone as she walked away.

Anyway, that was that until a moment later when another lady walked by and easily opened up a door and walked in. I then looked up and paid closer attention and realized what occured: the first lady was trying to open up the wrong door! It was probably a supply closet. Oh well, she probably didn't have to go that bad, or else she would have started pulling on every door in the vicinity.

It's the door on the left, sweetheart.