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Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Conversation Between Mister Softee and Anna (the Ikea online assistant)


Haha. Have you tried my chocolate dip cone?

Hi, I'm Anna. I'd like to talk about Ikea.


Have you tried one of my milkshakes?

I'd rather not talk about that. I'd be happy to talk about Ikea products and services, however.

Oh. Do you like my theme music?

I'd like to help you with Ikea related questions.



Haha...Ice cream?


Um, um,

Yes, Ikea! We offer comfortable and versatile furniture at rock-bottom prices!

Oh! Wow. That's really nice. My company makes wonderful treats and sells them out of happy little trucks all over the New York metro area!

I'd rather not discuss that. I'd be happy to discuss Ikea, though.

Wow. You know, I really put in an effort to learn about Ikea -- that wasn't easy for me. You are so selfish. if you don't have any Ikea-related concerns, I guess I'll be going now.

Ok, bye! (ahem) bitch (ahem)

Ok, bye! Feel free to contact me in the future with any Ikea questions!

Will do!