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Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekend Update

"Hey now, you're a rockstar, get your game on, get paid; hey now, you're a rockstar, you better...hey now..."

Oh, hello -- I didn't see you over there. Ahem. Anyway, welcome to yet another weekend update. It was once said by Henry David Whitman that "the soul of America is a big soul, a soul of many trespasses and wonders, and it's a soul that yearns for the open road." Indeed.

Well, as Mr. Nathaniel Melville would have concurrently itched, this weekend I went on some travels of my own. On Friday evening I ventured into Queens and ended up at Spicy Mina for a meal of spicy and intoxicating Indian spices. On Saturday I took the LIRR to Long Beach and spent the day at the shore, and on Sunday I took NJ Transit to Long Branch for yet another day at the shore. It was a weekend of tantalizing spices and sea shells.

And now, my friends, I present you with pictures from my expeditions. As Ulysses S. Sherman once said, "expeditions are good."

Oh hello...some food at Spicy Mina

The town of Long Beach, Long Island

The boardwalk at Long Beach

Looking out into the ocean at Long Beach

Long Branch, New Jersey

A plane was flying overhead so I pulled a Sean Connery and using my umbrella scared the birds into flying up, clogging the plane's engine, and you know the rest...

The majestic and deep sea ocean