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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Staten Island Pizza Adventure

On Saturday I was lucky enough to accompany two FANTASTIC individuals to Staten Island for a pizza adventure. I have been to Staten Island several times (and have even walked there), but I have never had pizza there.

Anyway, going to Staten Island is fun because one minute you're in horrible, crowded, dirty Manhattan, then a little while later you're in horrible, uncrowded, dirty Staten Island. Once off the ferry, we took a bus for a while, then walked a little while, and we ended up at Joe & Pat's. It was really good, in my opinion.

Here are some pictures...

In Staten Island, looking towards Manhattan.


"Physicians & Surgeons." I excused myself for a few hours to have an MRI and a consultation.

Joe & Pat's (I took this picture after we ate, just for your information)

This is a pie with prosciutto - very good

A plain slice