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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gossip Girls on Politics

F*#k the GOP...

Oh, why hello. I didn't see you there...

Ahem, anyway, you may recall that the other day I visited the set of Gossip Girl. Well, regardless of whether you recall it or not, I did.

Anyway, yesterday I was sitting in Union Square after eating a McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. So I was just sitting on a bench chewing the ice from my fountain soda and these two young girls sit down on the bench next to me. I'm sure they were in high school, they were very stylish, and one was smoking a cigarette.

They proceeded to have an emotionally charged conversation on politics. Here are some quotes (and I wrote these down on a copy of the NY Press I had with me, so these quotes are very accurate)...

"This world would be like so much more balanced if everyone had, like, health care."
"I, like, hate Republicans. And they think they are, like, such good Christians."
"I wish someone would, like, assassinate Bush."
"Name, like, one good thing Bush has done."
"I don't mind a Republican if he, like, does his job."

The funny thing is, it was hard for me to disagree with anything these young girls were saying. I would very much like to be part of their entourage but I don't think I'm cool enough. Whatever.