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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer Treat Explosion


It's summer right now. When it's warm outside, I definitely go running a lot more. That's good. However, I also get many more treats. That's maybe good or bad or both.

Here's what often happens: I come home; I go running; I sit on a bench afterwards; I come home; I eat dinner; since it's nice outside, I go for a little walk; I get a treat; I come home; I watch a movie (last night I watched The Prestige).

The problem is the little walk I go on. That's when I'm tempted to get the treat, and temptation almost always wins. Here are things I often treat myself to...

I can't help myself from these treats! The fact that I've been running is good, but then I go and get a hot fudge sundae or something and I completely erase the benefit of having run. This is a sad, lonely and itchy problem.

Help. I can't help myself from these treats -- this summer treat explosion!