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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rediscovering New York

When I first moved to New York, I was constantly getting on the subway, exploring new neighborhoods, trying new foods. Now I often do not leave a 2 mile radius. I can't stand the subway. I feel fine always eating at Chipotle or a local diner (and to be sure, there's nothing wrong with those places).

Yesterday, I was like, you know what, enough of this complacency. I need to remember why I used to be so excited about living in New York. After work, I got on the subway and went to Astoria, Queens. I went to Little Morocco, a cute restaurant that I had read about in a NY Times sandwich article.

I ordered a merguez (sausage) sandwich. It was good but not great. But then again, I forgot to ask for the homemade harissa sauce that Julia Moskin talks about in her article.

The merguez sandwich at Little Morocco

Afterwards, I was still hungry, so I walked to a Mexican grocery store that sells tacos and gorditos and such at a counter in the back. I got two pastor (spicy pork tacos) and took them to a park and ate them. They were quite good.

This is where I got the tacos

These are the tacos

This is where I ate the tacos

After eating my tacos I took the subway back to Manhattan. Then I walked for a little bit. I thought, wow, New York is great. And then some jerk walked into me and I hated it again.

Do you know what building that is on the left?