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Thursday, June 5, 2008

McCain Interview - Part I

This morning I received a strongly worded letter from Michael Powell, the former FCC Chairman who re-assumed his position for the express purpose of insisting on a Food & Pants interview for John McCain.

Here is a copy of the contents of said letter:

Dear Food & Pants,
My name is Michael Freaking Powell and I used to be the FCC Chairman, but I resigned, but guess what, I'm back cuz u r going to give my man McCain an interview or I am going to come there and that would be bad. Besides, you can't interview one candidate and not another, or so I'm told. I like crackerjacks. Also, if you ever put anything remotely sleazy on your blog I'm going to come there and that would be bad.


General Powell's Son

Anyway, this was quite a disturbing letter and I felt it would be best to just give in and offer McCain an interview. I sent Snuggles to do the job (Peter Bernard Rainwater was in Montana on a white-water rafting adventure). Here is the first part of the interview...

Snuggles: Oh Senator, you sure know how to make a cozy bear happy! Hehe.
McCain: I thought you would like these chairs, my friend.
S: I sure do! Hehe!
M: When I'm president, I'm going to make sure we keep producing high quality chairs like these. No immediate withdrawal, like my opponent is suggesting.
S: What!?
M: That's right, my friend. The senator from Illinois wishes to immediately stop producing these chairs.
S: Oh no! I'm voting for you!
M: That's good, my friend. Very good.

Part II to follow...