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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh no...

I called my doctor's office today about the results of my MRI. The person on the phone said the results are in but the doctor has not looked at them yet. I was asked to please call back tomorrow between 11 and 12. This means there are a few possibilities...

1) The doctor read the report and the news is catastrophic. If the findings were benign, the assistant would have approval to simply say the MRI was normal. That not being the case, I specifically need to speak with the doctor so he can give me the bad news.

2) The doctor read the report, the news is catastrophic, and he is consulting with an orthopedic specialist before speaking with me.

3) The doctor read the report, the news is catastrophic, and he is calling the radiologist to confirm that the news is as horrible as it sounds. He is also considering that perhaps there was a technical problem with the MRI because it just couldn't be as bad as it sounds.

Anyway, this is not good. If it were normal I'm sure the assistant (or possibly she was the nurse) would have just said the MRI was normal. Also, she didn't even have to check if the results were in -- she just knew. This is probably because the results are bad.

Normal hip MRI

Approximation of what mine probably looks like