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Friday, April 4, 2008

Stroopwafel Surprise (Another title with 's' alliteration)

In previous posts ( 1 and 2) I mentioned my love of stroopwafels or siroopwafelens or whatever. They are these delightful little chewy waffle things that are huge in the Netherlands. Anyway, we had an admitted students day here at the 'Blank' School of 'Blank,' and I was helping to register someone and he mentioned he just got here from the Netherlands. I asked him if he knew about stroopwafels and he said he loved them and brought a ton back to the U.S. He said he would bring me a package the next day, and, true to his word, he did!

Well, I was sitting around with my stroopwafels and someone walked by and said, wow, you have stroopwafels! We had a discussion and, as it turns out, he was from the Netherlands and started a business here in New York which sells stroopwafels dipped in chocolate. Here is the link to his website.

I went back to the office and ate basically the entire package of stroopwafels, minus one which I gave away. So I ate like 9 stroopwafels. Anyway, just thought that was a funny stroopwafel story, especially since I just talked about stroopwafels and inquired about importing them from the Netherlands. Get it? See how it's funny? No? Oh...