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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Are people in New York allowed to go to chains?

Today I left my wallet at home, which is not such a big deal, but I decided it would be in my best interest to walk home during lunch and get it. And so I walked home (which takes 13 minutes or so) and grabbed my wallet and began the walk back.

While walking back to work I decided to go to Subway Sandwich Shoppe for lunch. One of the main reasons I did this was because they have self-serve soda fountains. This is very important, as I love fountain soda, especially on a nice day like today.

What is perhaps disturbing is that this was the second time I've gone to Subway Sandwich Shoppe in less than a week! This raises an important question: when one lives in perhaps the best food city in the United States, is it excusable to eat in fast-food and chain restaurants?

When it comes to Subway Sandwich Shoppe, some of their sandwiches are decent, and they have very good cookies, in my opinion. And they also have fountain soda. But actually, even though I just said some of the sandwiches are decent, sometimes I actually think the sandwiches are not good. They have a sort of weird, commercialized taste. But for some reason I keep going back.

My usual: chicken parmesean sandwich, macadamia nut cookies and a fountain diet soda