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Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Sweat Jacket Excellent but Not Perfect

This just in...

In a previous post I mentioned how I bought a light gray, or 'heather,' sweatshirt jacket thing. Indeed I did. And I'm pretty happy with it. Overall quite happy. But there are two things that bother me a bit.

1) The zipper is kind of big and there's no 'flap-thing' that sort of covers the zipper.

2) There are actually two 'zipper things,' or 'pullers' or 'sliders' as they are sometimes known, which facilitates being able to have the bottom unzipped a little. I can't say I'm a fan of this feature because I don't want the bottom to be unzipped, and therefore there is just the little 'zipper thing' hanging down.

Also, I'm wondering if it makes me look a little chubby. I think it does. Hm.

The two 'zipper things' - note the unzipped portion - also note the rather wide nature of the zip apparatus

Note how there is a 'zipper thing' at the bottom of the garment - not really preferable