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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nepalese/Nepali Food in Queens

Went to a Nepalese/Nepali/Whicheverformiscorrect restaurant in Sunnyside, Queens, today. It's called Yeti. It also has a Japanese menu, but we stuck with the Nepalese/Nepali food (although someone, who is actually from Nepal, did order vegetable tempura - traitor).

Anyway, it was a nice place, cozy, nice service. The food was great, I thought. And my Nepalese/Nepali friend was basically doing all the communicating with the wait staff in Nepalese/Nepali, which was nice.

Here are some pictures...

A fried fish with an assortment of 'sauces' - delicious

Foreground: potatoes with onions, peppers, garlic, chiles, other things - delicious
Background: chicken with ginger, garlic, perhaps mustard, perhaps other things - also delicious

I don't really have the desire or energy to explain all this - also delicious

Waiting for the Subway - Manhattan in the distance - also delicious - wait