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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Beware of Dangerous Chappaqua Insects

Well, I did end up going on an adventure. I didn't go to Long Island, though - I went to Chappaqua, a town in Westchester. The Clintons have a home there. Anyway, that's where I went.

I left from Grand Central and started reading about Zen Buddhism but got bored/tired of it so I just looked out the window. I don't know, Zen is fascinating but I just don't have the energy and motivation to really get into it. I'm not going to devote my life to meditation, either, although perhaps I - and everyone - should. Perhaps we should all be sitting and meditating and reaching Enlightenment and getting a grasp of things before we die.

Anyway, whatever.

Grand Central

Fellow Metro North Passengers

Looking Out The Window

So I got to Chappaqua, it took about 45 minutes or so. I walked around. It was quiet and idyllic and it was generally nice. I went to the Chappaqua town restaurant and had a cheddar omelette. It was good. I had a Diet Coke to drink. It was good.

See - I'm Not Lying - I Really Did Go To Chappaqua

This Street May Look Flat - But It Is Actually A Really Steep Slope

A Pretty Chappaqua Home

My Omelette - Yum

So I came back to Manhattan. As I was walking into the Chappaqua train station a man said "Hello, sir, How are you?" I thought to myself, what's the deal with that guy? As it turns out, he was doing campaign work for some state legislator running for office. Clearly someone wouldn't be that nice without an ulterior motive.

Rather than going back to Grand Central I got off in Harlem and took a bus home. We went by the Apollo Theater on 125th Street.

On The Bus - That Big Light You See Is From the Apollo's Marquee

All in all it was a nice adventure. However, these adventures are not without their dangers. Apparently I was bit by some exotic insect and suffered a horrible allergic reaction. It's actually a small miracle that I'm still alive. Yes, I'm very brave, but adventurers like myself have little choice. Sigh.

God Help Me!