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Friday, October 12, 2007

The Wicked Witch Became Very Melty - Yes, Melty

Yesterday I went to a panel discussion at the acclaimed Border's at Columbus Circle. The topic was the recently released New York City Michelin Guide. You may have heard of Michelin tires. Well, for the past 100 years or so, they've also put out a very popular and influential guide on the best restaurants in Europe. Three years ago they started one for New York.

The Michelin Guide, as you can probably tell

I had an interview beforehand and had to make my way from Midtown to Columbus Circle. I was SUPPOSED to meet a friend there, but she bailed out because of the rain. I will not mention her by name to avoid embarassing her. Granted, I think she's read this blog only once, but thankfully there are many readers, such as yourself, who come here religiously.

The crowd waiting on the uptown 1/2/3 platform at Times Square

Anyway, the panel discussion was OK. The guy from the Michelin Guide, a Frenchman named Jean-Luc, was nice and quite French, but in a good way. There was also a guy from the James Beard Foundation, who was very regal and James Beard-ish. Now, the Restaurant Girl was supposed to be there, but she must have bailed out and they had some guy from Gourmet Magazine.

The Restaurant Girl started a blog and became so popular that the NY Daily News offered her a job as their food critic, which she wisely took. Basically, I'm expecting to be the new Restaurant Boy. I think the NY Times is going to fire Frank Bruni and offer me a job. Sorry, Frank.

I'll be up there next year

Afterwards I went home and later on I indulged in apple pie with ice cream, one of the finest desserts in existence. I heated up the apple pie so that the ice cream would be more melty. Yes, that's right, melty.

Notice the melty nature of the ice cream