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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Random Snack/Breakfast/Block Writing Stuff

Good morning.

I would say that, as of late, the most enjoyable part of my day is before I go to bed. I sit in my bed and read a book or perhaps browse the Internet, and I have a sweet snack. If you recall, the other day I mentioned about the vanilla cookies and apple juice. That's certainly a very solid bedtime snack. Last night I tried something different.

Oreo's now makes these little cakes, which are basically like "whoopie pies." They are soft and delicious. Last night I had some, along with a glass of diet Coca-Cola. It was pleasant. Hi.

I thought I should mention that for breakfast this morning I had apple juice AND an apple turnover AND an a green apple. It was very fall-like, despite the non fall-like weather, which is a very depressing thing. I feel like the nicest days of the year are being spoiled by the stupid heat and humidity. Everything is being spoiled, everything sucks!

Oh, I also thought I should mention that I'm finding it increasingly hard to read these days. Why bother? Yesterday during my lunch break I tried reading something but couldn't. I found myself bored so I just started writing phrases in block letters. I spent like 20 minutes doing that. Just writing random, meaningless stuff in block letters. Random and meaningless - just like life. Ha. Ouch, my side hurts when I laugh. Ha. Ouch.

What has my life come to?