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Tuesday, October 2, 2007


A couple of things today.

First, more about this job stuff. When people interview, you hear them say things like "I want to grow at your company." Grow into what? It just seems like people equate spiritual and/or personal development with what goes on at work. Or maybe that's just BS that people say. But I really do think people feel that way about work - that they can develop and grow. And then once you've developed, then what? There's this idea of moving up and taking on more responsibility. Well so what? Who cares about moving up? There's only so far most of us can go, anyway. But let's say you become CEO - who cares?

Anyway, moving on, my budget is ridiculously tight right now. In theory I should be spending less than $10 a day on food, which is not a lot. My snacking has been greatly limited, to say the least. At the grocery store last night I bought the cheapest cookies I could get - these vanilla cream cookies that may or may not have a strange taste, I haven't decided. I also bought apple juice.

As I was laying on my bed before sleep time, I was eating my cookies and apple juice. And even though the cookies were cheap, it was really a nice experience. They were the types of cookies that you get at camp or something like that. And, of course, apple juice is certainly a throwback to my childhood. The whole experience was very nostalgic and comforting. I think even if I had a ton of money I would love to eat vanilla cream cookies and wash them down with apple juice.

My comforter looks like it's different colors - see?

To close, I must mention that FAPPAF has reached an important milestone: it's been accessed on an iPhone! Congratulations FAPPAF!

We did it!