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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Banana Re-silly-ic

I have mentioned in the past that I don't love Banana Republic chinos. The material is very good and the details are very good, but the fit is just not quite there. They're certainly acceptable, but I really can't place them in the top echelon of trousers. I will admit, however, they might just not work for me. I've seen other people wearing them and they look quite nice, so perhaps I just have a funny frame.

This is a good point to bring up: in the world of pants, what works for one man may not work for another, and vice-versa. God made us all different, so make sure to shop around and find what pants look good for you.

Anyway, I discovered two things at the Banana Republic website that disturbed me. First, a pair of Cargo Chinos, and second a Relaxed Flap-Pocket Vintage Chino. I will discuss these two pants in order.

There is really very little that needs to be said about Cargo Chinos. When it comes to dressing for work or even a night out on the town, Cargo Chinos are simply unacceptable. Case closed. Now, if you want to do yard work or something and you feel like wearing cargos - fine, go ahead, I guess it won't kill anyone. But if you wear cargos to work you very well might kill someone. So just don't do it.

The next pant is the Relaxed Flap-Pocket Vintage Chino. Now these pants are not absolutely horrible. For weekend-wear they're ok, but still, you can do better. There's just too much material, too much "bunch-up," in the lower leg area. Using sophisticated software I have created lines to represent how these pants should really be tailored. As you can see, the silhouette is much sleeker and better.

Anyway, stay away from the Cargo Chinos. Also, no need to stoop down and buy the Relaxed Flap-Pocket Vintage Chinos. Try the Dawson or Gavin fits at Banana if you're interested in their chinos. Also, their wool dress slacks look nice, although I have never tried on a pair.

The End.