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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Creamy Intestines are Good

I am currently thinking that Americans would be much happier people if we were to have the same wonderful snack foods and packaging that is currently the norm in Japan. Their snacks, particularly the sweet ones, blow away the American competition. I think it's more a threat to American dominance than automobiles or the technology industry. As long as they have better snacks and cooler packaging, the U.S. is doomed.

The other day while browsing at a Japanese market I happened upon my new favorite treat. In English they are called "Cream Collon." I am not sure how the "collon" is supposed to be pronounced, but I have taken to calling them "Creamy Colons" - as in creamy intestines. I'm not so sure this wasn't the actual intention.

They are made by Glico, which seems like a wonderful company. I will certainly be looking for more of their products. Creamy Colons are delightful, tubular wafers filled with a luscious, light-as-air, cream.

As you can see, the packaging is very funny and adorable. It adds to the whole experience. If the Creamy Colons were in some ugly container they would just not be as fun.

Anyway, a Google search demonstrated there is a small cult following. I found some pictures of what appears to be a Cream Collon party. The people seem to be having quite a bit of fun. Note the young lady in the first picture. She is having a TON of fun. Sadly, in the second picture, the fellow who in the first picture seemed to be so happy, now seems a bit exasperated. I offer up this theory: in the first picture, it looks like he's trying to get a hold of the Creamy Colons. In the second picture, someone else is again holding the Colons. Maybe he is getting frustrated that everyone is having a chance to hold the Colons - everyone except for him.

Anyway, try picking up some Creamy Colons from your local Japanese market. I doubt you'll be disappointed, unless you repeatedly try posing with them in pictures and all your friends keep hogging them.