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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Shared Beans

Once, beans were good, beans were shared.  Hello my friend!  Hello.  Let's make beans together.  Kidney, pinto, great white?  The beans are all good so long as we make them together, so long as we share.

And so the beans were made.  Let's add some olive oil, onion, garlic, until you smell the aromas, until the aromatics turn soft.  Ok, now time to add some beans and liquid.  Now let's simmer for a long time.  Oh friend, I can't wait to eat our beans.

The beans are now ready to eat, and you can smell the rich, incredible flavors!  Who knew that beans could be so flavorful, so wonderful?  But wait.  He pulls his pistol.

"We will not be sharing these beans.  I will eat them myself!"

"But you said these would be shared beans!?"

"I said it, but I never meant it."

"If you kill me the beans will never taste good."

He blew my brains away, and, indeed, when he ate the beans they never tasted good.  My brains looked a bit like beans when you think of it.