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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Special Bodhisattva

Oh sweet god I feel terrible today!  Woke up but did I really sleep?  I may have, but I'm not sure.  Either way, I don't feel like I slept.  My eyes feel heavy and I have a dull headache.  The shower doesn't help, nor does the coffee.  I feel like a piece of crap!  

I go to work, and I think people are looking at me.  "Hi, John!" I say to John, but he walks away.  What have I done?  Why don't people like me?

For lunch I decide I need to leave the office.  I cross the street and I see little children pointing at me.  What is going on?  I look at my reflection in a car window, and I think I look "normal."  Just then a car drives by and water from a paddle is splashed all over my pants!  Did I mention my pants don't fit well?  The waist is too tight, but the leg is too baggy and the break...well, I won't even go there.

I need help.  I can't keep going like this.  What is the point of all this?  

Just then I look up and see one who is at peace, who is content.  "Who are you?" I ask.

"I'm your special bodhisattva!"

"Oh thank you!"

The end.