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Friday, July 24, 2020

Garlic Billy - Part II

Little Timmy Tooka found Billy Garlic on the outskirts of town, sitting on a dusty road, looking out at the hills. As Little Timmy approached he stepped on a twig, and there was a SNAP, and Billy Garlic instantly had his pistol trained on Timmy.

"You should be careful boy," said the Garlic one.

"Sir, don't be mad at Demont, he's a good one.  He hasn't been himself since the garlic went away."

"Since the garlic went away?"  

"You see, well, Johnny Pringle and his gang take it all!  They were always no good keesters."

"Tell me more about this Johnny Pringle," Garlic says.

"What's to say?  No one is quite sure where he came from, but he rode into town one day, much like yourself with all due respect, and soon enough he started recruiting some of the boys in town and formed his gang.  It wasn't long before they were raiding all of the garlic farms."

There was some silence, and Timmy Tooka started scratching his buttocks and accidentally let go a loud toot.  His face turned red and Garlic Billy looked away in embarrassment.  Choosing to ignore the toot, Garlic Billy went on:

"I haven't had fresh garlic in weeks. I feel like I have maybe 40% of my soul.  I feel that soon I'll be a walking ghost if I don't get some fresh garlic."

Little Timmy gets up the courage to speak after his embarrassing toot: "Sir, there's one more thing.  Ever since Pringle and his gang have been stealing all the garlic, well, they've changed.  It's like they have new powers.  They glow in the dark, and once I saw Pringle himself pick up a man with one arm and throw him halfway across town."

Garlic Billy listened.  He knew it was destiny that brought him to this town.

To be continued...