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Monday, February 18, 2019

Chocolate Obsession

Choice lines from coverage of Mast Chocolate, a Brooklyn-based cacao, bean-to-bar shoppe.

"About five years ago, I heard a Brooklyn butcher with an M.F.A. describe the look in his neighborhood as “country gentleman.” He meant: elaborately antiquated facial hair, tweed, monocle or pocket watch, top hat or hunting cap, somewhere on the spectrum between Willy Wonka and D. H. Lawrence’s gamekeeper. Probably this person was eating a home-brew pickle, on his way, via leather-handled bicycle, to try some fire-escape charcuterie paired with small-batch heirloom cider."

"The brothers Mast, Rick and Michael, are chocolate-makers as Wes Anderson might have written them."

"As the kings of craft chocolate, they were not humble. “I can affirm that we make the best chocolate in the world,” Rick Mast said, in an interview with Vanity Fair, last year."

"It has thrown into question not just the provenance of a chocolate bar, but the predilection for such goods, with perhaps larger implications for the picked-by-hand, farm-to-apartment movement, underscoring the fact that claims of homespun authenticity are not regulated, or often verified."

"When expert tasters bite into bars, they look to see if the chocolate is, in Yuh’s words, 'true to the bean.'"