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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Traditional Beef Dinner

Oh help me I need some beef!  I shall go to my local chophouse for a traditional beef dinner!  A porterhouse?  An unctuous ribeye?  One of those, most likely.  Perhaps a simple preparation, broiled with salt and pepper?  Once the beef arrives at the table, shall I rub roasted garlic all over the meat?  The pungent, bulbous garlic melts over the tender, charred flesh.  I partake of a bite of beef: the unctuous, rich, mineral taste pervades and the beef melts in my mouth.  But wait!  Perhaps I'd rather have the beef cooked in a cast iron with bulbs of fresh garlic? In other words, perhaps I would like the garlic involved in the preparation and basting of the beef, rather than as a post-production condiment?  I don't know, but William, my waiter, will steer me in the right direction, no doubt.  I'll order my beef with the house potatoes -- hashed, browned in duck fat, served with pickled pepper relish.  But wait -- do I want the hangar steak?

The Grill