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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Oceans of Lobster Rolls

Billions of years ago the oceans formed, the mighty seas.  In what is now Maine in the United States, the waters crashed against the shoreline, and over huge expanses of time, tremendous rocky surfaces formed.  In the warmer months, the water brought in beautiful sea breezes which swept past the rocks and onto the grassy hills, and the colorful flowers looked up to the blue sky and smiled.  In the colder months, the water was dark and the sky was gray, and the rocky coast was gray and harsh yet serene.  Little creatures, crustaceans and seagulls and fluffy squirrels went about their business, eating and playing and being friends with the world, and meanwhile the waters crashed against the rocks.

Then, millions of years later, one day a family of humans went to Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  There was a mom and dad and a daughter and a son.  They wore expensive pastel clothing.  It was a beautiful sunny summer day, warm but not hot, and there was a beautiful breeze.  They sit at a picnic table eating lobster rolls and fries and cole slaw.  "Crap!" the father says.  He's upset because he's checking his e-mail and the hedge fund he manages lost money, and instead of earning a 10 million bonus he may only get 8 million.  The mother is glaring at her daughter, disappointed that her little girl doesn't look up to her more.  "Like, oh my god, look at that girl over there, her dress is so stupid," says the daughter.  The son eats his fries not thinking of much at all, and meanwhile the waters crash against the rocks and the creatures, the birds and the squirrels and the crustaceans, go about their business.

Millions of years later the family and the creatures are gone but the waters still crash against the rocks.