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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Underwear and Chicken Sandwich Adventure

It could not have been a nicer day.  I headed to Uniqlo to buy some underwear.  I settled on 4 pairs of their signature Supima Cotton Regular Rise Boxer Briefs.  I took the soon-to-be-mine garments to the nearest cashier and paid, and he started to place the items in a paper bag.  "Plastic, my good man, plastic!" I said.  I placed the plastic bag with my new underpants into my satchel bag and headed out.  I felt a vibration.  I took out my mobile decide.  "Well what could this be!" I thought.  It was a textual message from a friend, alerting me that David Chang's new fried chicken cutlet sandwich joint, Fuku, had opened for business this very day in the East Village.  I had been planning to simply return to my home, but this called for a change of plans.  I picked up the pace and briskly walked up 5th Avenue towards the train.  I felt something snap.

They say when certain traumatic events happen time slows down.  It's true.  Once I felt the snap things unfolded oh so slowly, and it took just as long to process what was happening.  The strap to my satchel bag had broken and my pack fell to the ground.  The plastic bag with my new undergarments, which, as mentioned, had been placed in my satchel bag, poured out and my underwear spilled all over 5th Avenue.  Oh god it all happened slowly, but so fast.

When I realized and fully processed what had happened, I noticed people's reactions.  Some laughed at me.  Some pretended not to notice, although, oh yes, they noticed.  Some shook their heads.  "Oh christ!" I screamed.  I frantically stuffed my underwear back into my satchel bag and hurriedly walked away.  I turned into an alley way, hyper ventilating, and began rocking back and forth, "it's ok, it's ok, it's ok," I kept telling myself.  My dear reader, I almost abandoned my new under pants, but no, I decided I must be strong and continue my adventure, and so I went to Fuku. There was a line out the door, but I braved it, and ordered the combo, a chicken sandwich with potato wedges and a drink for $12.  How was the food?  Quite enjoyable I must say.  The chicken had a great crust with some nice seasoning.  The meat was juicy.  Yes a really nice sandwich.  The potato wedges were also enjoyable.  I headed back outside and went home with my new panties and went for a bike ride to Brooklyn.  What a day of adventure.

Fuku, East Village