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Friday, June 19, 2015

Burger Groans

I had wanted to pay a visit to Nomad Bar for quite a while.  Nomad Bar seemed like it would be a really pretentious, scene-y place, but the burger had been written of, and it sounded like a good burger, and one of my joys in life is going on burger adventures, and so I went.  I was meeting a friend and a friend of a friend (maybe someday he would be my friend, too?).  The place: not quite as pretentious or scene-y as I thought it would be.  Slightly on the loud side, but not too bad.  So let's get to the burger.  It was wonderful.  I don't really remember the bun, the cheese that was on it, the special sauce, and I say this as a compliment.  All I remember is the incredibly flavorful patty, the beef itself.  Oh my sweet jesus the flavors were divine! As I took my first bite my eyes rolled back into my head and as I looked inside my brain, all I could see were spinning cows with smiley faces.  "Oh my special bovine!" I yelled, groaning in pleasure as I ate the Nomad burger.  In my most prior burger dispatch I discussed the burger at Emily, which was way too salty, was engulfed in a special sauce, was not too bad but not a burger for the ages.  The Nomad burger is a burger for the ages.  Salted just right, rich, beefy flavor, bovine indulgences.

Nomad Bar
Flatiron District