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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Smothered Smotherings

These little chronicles of mine are unsurpassed in their coverage of fried chicken in New York City and beyond.  Little moses, baby jesus and prophet mohammed all know I enjoy a good fried chicken.  But what happens when a fried chicken is smothered in drippings and gravies?  Does it then become something other than just fried chicken?  Probably.

The other evening I partook in a smothered chicken from Amy Ruths, the famous Harlem institution, which I had visited long ago in the part.  How was my smothered chicken?  It was pretty good.  The gravinous drippings were enjoyable enough.  But I felt slightly underwhelmed.  Would a smothered pork chop have been better?  I had a wonderful smothered pork chop at now defunct Margie's Red Rose.  Should smotherings perhaps be confined to pork, whereas fried chicken should abstain from the dumps of gravy?  I feel compelled to consider and test out these ideas.  More smothered adventures to come...

Amy Ruth's, Harlem